Airboat Rides Florida

The Fun Fast Way to See the Nature Coast!

Departure times: 9:00 A.M., 11:00 A.M.,1:00 P.M., 3:00 P.M., and 5:00 P.M.
Discount Group Tours Available

Experience the Thrill of an Airboat Ride & the Natural Beauty of Florida!
Our Most Exciting Tours!! Fast, Fun & Educational!

Surprisingly different way to see our natural areas; going where motorboats can't go. River Safaris pioneered airboat rides and airboat tours on the Homosassa River and we will give you the very best ride for your money! Our airboats can and do go everyplace other airboats go! Captains strive to find wildlife to show you.

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GULF RIDE & DOLPHIN QUEST - Our most popular ride takes you beyond the Safari and zooms through backwaters, estuaries and passed the Historic Indian shell mounds. Feel your troubles slip away and keep your eyes peeled as we search for dolphins together!

Approximately 1.5 hours. $74.00 per person. 3 person minimum.
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PRIVATE TOURS - For those who wish to travel with just your group on board, we can arrange a private boat at a discounted rate. Please call us to make arrangements.

* Times and routes may vary according to weather, tides, boat traffic and wildlife sightings.


  1. What will we see? All our rides go by Monkey Island then thru "downtown" Old Homosassa passing historic homes, shrimp & crab boats , businesses and private residences. The Captains will be looking for wildlife such as dolphins, manatees, alligators, turtles, eagles, herons, and many other birds. The plant life most abundant is cedars and palms. Seeing animal life under the water such as fish, corals, and sponges is possible and will depend on the tour you choose, the time of year, winds and tides.
  2. What time are the rides? 9, 11am 1, 3 & 5pm-during the winter the 5pm rides are scheduled earlier at 4 or 4:30 because it gets dark earlier.
  3. How many people will the boat hold? We have two 6 passenger airboats. The number of people will depend on the number that has signed up for the tour. A private tour is available if your group wishes to be on the boat by themselves. See information on this airboat page.
  4. Are the airboats wheelchair accessible? No, but we have many people go on airboat rides by having their family and friends assist them in getting into the seat-the wheelchair will be left behind.
  5. What happens if it rains? We keep the radar available for the Captain and passengers to see before departing. If it looks like it may rain you can elect not to go, reschedule or decide to go knowing there is a chance of getting wet. If we can see that it will definitely not be safe we will cancel the trip and there is no charge if you are not able to reschedule.
  6. Do we get wet on the airboat ride? This is not a water ride but there are times when a small amount of water is sprayed during the sharp fast turns. We suggest you wear clothing that you do not mind if you get some water sprayed on you.
  7. What kind of shoes should I wear? Any type shoe or sandal you are comfortable in will be okay.
  8. Are there bathrooms on the boat? No.
  9. Are there places like islands that we can get off on? No
  10. Does the Airboat have an anchor and live vests? Yes, all required safety equipment will be on the boat as well as over the head hearing protection.
  11. What should I bring? Camera, sunglasses and you can take drinks and snacks on the boat in a small cooler.
  12. Is tipping my Captain required? Tipping your Captain is voluntary and shows your appreciation for the skills and the work they do. And it is very much appreciated as they receive a small percentage of the payment you made to take the ride. Airboats are very expensive machines to purchase, operate and maintain.

We suggest sunglasses and sunscreen; Please wear clothing that you wouldn't mind getting water or mud spray on! We don't try to get you wet but it can happen! Appropriate clothing for the weather also suggested. Alcohol Permitted, BYOB.

Please contact us about planning your next adventure on the Homosassa River in Old Homosassa Florida!